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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  April 8, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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now inspecting the cadets as one of the highest ranking vietnamese-americans law enforcement officers in california. >> i graduated from the academy in 1989. >> reporter: soon the academy itself will be a memory. the san jose evergreen community college district which owns the land the academy is on recently gave notice the academy will have to close. >> vice chancellor called and said, we need to talk. >> reporter: the college said it's redeveloping the land to expand this shopping center and add housing that will bring in a lot more money. >> we have been told that we're going to need to move. it's going to be 18 months to two years. >> reporter: after being on the brink of bankruptcy the district is now looking to protect its financial future. >> it's been the last five to six years we receive less and less and less from the state so almost every chancellor now is in the business of fundraising. >> reporter: the academy as backup plan is to partner with a college which plans to build
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its own academy. >> where is society's priority? >> reporter: the police called into question the core mission of the college. >> they are to train police officers. >> reporter: to the college it's a choice between making money or not. >> so we have sort of zero in one instance in terms of fiscal revenue and the possibility of having about a million dollars every year that will allow us to reinvest in the entire campus community. >> reporter: gaff lynn college plans to build its own academy but right now a key piece of that academy is missing. there is no funding for a shooting range. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> san jose plans to temporarily use its south san jose substation as a training academy until a permanent one is built. changes in the way the world communicates. that's what former secretary of state hillary clinton helped celebrate in san francisco today. she was the key note speaker at
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the marketo marketing nation summit at the moscone center. clinton says social media has broken down walls allowing one on one communication between governments and constituents. >> in an era in which security concerns often limit contact with foreign citizens, social media offers a way to hear directly from them even in those relatively closed societies. >> and because of that, clinton stressed the importance of keeping the internet free. a major push today in sacramento for the state to defend the rights of crime victims say it's time to bring the focus back to the needs of the victims not the needs of offenders. governor brown spoke at the annual victims rights rally and talked about the importance of putting faces to the names of victims. organizers of the rally say too many times during court cases, the focus is on offenders' rights, rather than victims' lights. >> when you come here and you
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show us the pictures of real human beings, your loved ones who were murdered, then it isn't abstract. it's very real. it's very individual. >> april is victims rights month. supporters say it's up to the state to proactively enforce legal rights afforded to victims. new details in the case against a former concord police officer accused of stealing prescription drugs from a senior citizens complex. matthew switzer was supposed to appear in court today but his arraignment was postponed. today an attorney for the 12- year veteran told kpix 5 his client developed an addiction to prescription drugs after an on-the-job injury. >> this is the kind of breakneck 180-degree turn for someone used to being on one side of the bars and now finds himself because of this addiction on the other side. >> switsesser faces charges of burglary, fraudulently obtaining prescription pills and elder abuse. he is being held in county
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jail. switzer is due back in court april 21. three dozen cruise ship passengers have been isolated in their cabins with a stomach virus. the crown princess left san francisco yesterday for a trip back to los angeles. princess cruise lines says 37 of more than 3,000 passengers showed symptoms of norovirus. the company says besides confining those few passengers, the crews have disinfected the ship's common areas. other bay area headlines. a fire that blackened this oakland metalworking warehouse this morning caused only cosmetic damage. the building is still fully operational. no one was hurt in the fire and investigators are still trying to determine the cause. a gas leak forced people out of their homes this morning in san francisco's bayview. chopper 5 was there as pg&e crews repaired a broken line. pg&e says that a construction crew struck that line while they were digging. the main was fixed in about 45
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minutes. helping people in trouble and how to pay for that has people casting votes in northern california today. the question, when tourists get in trouble, who should pick up the tab? >> there are lots of signs for and lots of signs again and people have their varied opinions. >> reporter: this was election day in bodega bay a tourist town that suddenly finds itself debating the high cost of tourism. >> we're just running out of funds to keep the district going. >> reporter: the only item on the ballot today is measure a. it would maintain the town's three-man fire staff by adding a $200 fee to every resident's property tax bill. but a lot of residents think that cost should be covered by those who are getting most of the help. >> i believe that 70% of all emergency responding calls actually go to assist tourists. >> reporter: the very tourists who keep this town alive. >> it's the fishing industry and the tourists, that's it.
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>> reporter: they come for crab, the water and the stunning shoreline. and that's where many run into trouble. >> much of the care goes to rescuing people on the coast. >> taking them off the cliffs, whatever it is. >> the helicopter just rescued a dog a couple of weeks ago. >> it would be nice if the county or the state would reimburse our fire department for those costs. >> reporter: of course, this town isn't ready to give up on tourists. >> they're a necessary evil you might say. >> reporter: but what costs are residents willing to pay for tourists' misadventures? >> something habes to don we can't keep going the way we are and losing money. >> we asked the fire district to comment on some of those numbers but it could not make anyone available for us today. supporters say the $200 fee would only be a short-term fix until a long-term budget solution could be found. it was a perfect day for the giants home opener, perhaps the only thing warmer than the weather right now is the team's
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offense. dennis o'donnell was there as the giants slugged their way to another win on opening day, dennis. >> reporter: hello, elizabeth. and i think you make a great point. opening day always starts with a little bit of fireworks and today, those carried over into the game as the giants offense and pitcher tim hudson brought the house down. first, number 5 miles scott also known as the batkid appeared in the black lamborghini and threw out the first pitch in months after his make-a-wish tour around the city. here's brandon belt plants his fifth home run into the season into the arcade off trevor cahill the diamonds back starter. giants 2-0 in the first and that was plenty for that man! tim hudson struck out four in eight innings, he allowed just two earned runs, scattered 7 hits and got a standing ovation coming off the mound. the giants beat arizona 7-3. >> still feel like i'm not quite where i want to be yet. but, you know, definitely i'll
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take these first two starts. it's been a fun outing out there. guys played some good baseball behind me. and, you know, it's fun. hopefully it's getting better from here. >> you talk about the offense as a whole. 47 runs in eight games. we haven't seen that too often around here. we got a good line-up. you know, i think everybody around here or at least in the clubhouse knows that so we can show everybody. >> reporter: tim hudson happy to be a giant. elizabeth, back to you. amy chee who does the giants broadcast, she comes by she says, is this the only orange shirt that you have in your closet? [ laughter ] >> and i said it is and i wear it once a year and the giants are 6-0 over the last six years. there you go. >> it's lucky. there you go. you're on to something. >> reporter: hey, coming up later in sports, i'm going to show you why this team may be a different giants team than you're used to seeing over the last few years. >> we'll look forward to that. orange is definitely your
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color, dennis. you wear it well. >> reporter: thank you, elizabeth. thank you. >> see you later. kept in captivity for your entertainment but is it cruelty. the fight to end killer whale shows in california. >> in the midst every so much scrutiny over its google glass, how the high-tech giant is shifting its marketing strategy. >> nothing but mainly sunny skies throughout the entire day but this last image right there shows the return of the fog. here it comes. that means we have a change in the weather pattern. find out what's coming up next in weather. >> and as an anti-government attorney he has represented a few of california's most high- profile defendants. why this bay area lawyer says a suspect in the corruption scandal is actually the victim. ,, what...
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6:11 pm safeway. ingredients for life. now. a bill that would have released orc killer whale shows at seaworld will go on at least for now. a bill that would have released orcas from captivity ended in a
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no vote today after a passionate hearing at the state capital. cbs reporter ron jones shows us both sides are accusing each other of pursuing a bigger agenda. >> it's the "don't ask, don't tell" for whales. >> reporter: heated testimony at the state capital during the assembly waterparks and wildlife committee. proponents for ab2140. >> they have attempted to down play these traumatizing events and they don't separate mothers in their calves. >> reporter: and those against the bill. >> it should be clear the whales at seaworld are thriving. >> reporter: the legislation debated is the or can welfare and safety act. it would basically end the practice of using orcas for entertainment purposes. the bill is inspired by cnn documentary "blackfish," which details or can captivity at seaworld. >> the swimming pool sized habitats are just a fraction of what they need. >> reporter: assemblyman richard bloom is the author, his legislation gaining international support with more than a million people signing a petition. a woman even flew in from italy
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today to be heard. >> the whole world is watching california pass this bill. please do it. >> this is a glorified term paper. >> reporter: but seaworld's staff ripped into blackfish, calling it baseless propaganda with questionable scientific facts. >> ab2140 embraces animal rights rhetoric, crusaded in a movie dominated by falsehoods and questionable film making techniques putting all seaworld's good work at risk. >> reporter: many from san diego's business community also gave lawmakers an earful. >> we strongly oppose this bill. >> reporter: withstanding room only inside and out, there was disappointment on one side and relief on the other when the final vote was tabled. >> thank you very much, mr. bloom. >> child protective services could be in for a sweeping change. a bill being proposed would require all meetings between cps workers around parents to be recorded. a state auditor found workers gave flawed assessments. a state lawmaker wants to
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eliminate the agency altogether but settled for the video and audio recordings. >> in many cases, the only evidence that's ever presented in court for the removal of a child is the word of a social worker. >> the bill is called sammy's law. it's named after a sacramento baby who was taken from his home by cps when his mother asked for a second medical opinion. two of the bay area's children's hospitals just got a huge infusion of cash. sales force founder marc benioff is giving $100 million to ucsf children's hospital and children's hospital oakland. the money will support existing clinical research as well as help attract new expertise. the donation also means a new name for the east bay hospital. it will now be known as ucsf benioff children's hospital oakland. when you go to a restaurant, how much do you normally tip? 15%? 20%? well, now there's a restaurant that refuses to accept your
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tips. after customers eat and drink at brand 158 in glendale, there is no need to do the usual calculations. customers see it on the menu. they see it on the receipt. no tips accepted here. >> service has not suffered. employees are happy. the prices speak for themselves. >> i know that i can just be myself and be at ease with the customer and i'm not trying to make some money off of them. you know, it's good. >> here's where it goes. waiters and waitresses apaid higher wages up front because of the no tipping policy. one more thing cash payments are also discouraged here. they say for sanitary reasons. by the way, brand 158 isn't the only restaurant that's doing this now. there's a sushi restaurant in new york city that also refuses to accept tips. >> if you are going out to dinner this evening, eat outside. >> i like that trend. >> outdoor table, key tonight. we're not going to cool off that much. it's very pleasant outside. maybe in san francisco, you have to go behind one of those
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plexiglass walls to enjoy an evening meal. tonight may be one of the nights where you don't but there are some changes coming in. i'll show it to you live outside. where we're not seeing the change inland dublin beautiful sunny mid-80s today but look at this! that is a live picture of ocean beach. the fog has returned! and it's going to push that onshore flow in but not after a day close to 90 in pleasanton. suisun city 83 degrees. fremont 81. novato and richmond well into the 70s. but there's that sign that things are changing. bodega bay today only a high of 60 degrees. let's talk about the rainfall. because we got more last week. it certainly helped the snowpack is up 1%. that's good rather than going down. reservoir levels are up to 67% of normal. 2% of a rise over the past week and rainfall as a percentage of normal for the water year is up to 56%. still in a drought but each week we are doing better. let's talk about this change that's coming up right now. we have the fog moving through the golden gate. we have an onshore flow
6:17 pm
returning. today and yesterday there was a big ridge of high pressure over top of us. that promoted an offshore wind. the wind coming off of land as opposed to the ocean that changes tonight. it changes more tomorrow. step one of our little process here is for the ridge to move out. that will induce the onshore flow to come back a foggy start at the coast and in san francisco. but then by step 2, when low pressure slides down to our south, it's not going to mean rainfall but what it will mean those clouds will push all the way inland starting friday. everybody starts off cloudy and temperatures will be held down as a result. we'll stay near or above normal but the peak of the heat was today and now temperatures will be dropping. thankfully they are dropping into the 70s really comfortable outside. vallejo tomorrow 77. fremont 74. a foggy start in san francisco with a high of 66. san jose your high 79 degrees. we'll continue to trend downward on thursday. friday, saturday, sunday still very pleasant but not as warm. morning clouds, afternoon sunshine. and next week we stay dry with late-day sunshine. kind of developing into more of a summertime pattern where we
6:18 pm
get the clouds in the morning, it rushes out in the afternoon and we get a wide temperature spread between inland and the coast. >> all right. looks beautiful. >> it's gorgeous out. yes. i'm ryan takeo live outside at&t park. it was a great day for baseball. the weather, that definitely cooperated and a celebrity threw out the first pitch. we'll let you know who coming up after the break along with the sights and sounds from opening day. >> and in the face of tremendous stress after the asiana plane crash the actions of a bay area dispatcher that landed him special recognition. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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"google glass." kpix reporter john ramos -- on t google is changing its marketing strategy when it comes to selling google glass. kpix 5 reporter john ramos on the new program to make the wherable computers useful at work. -- wearable computers useful at work. >> reporter: when google decided to mount a computer and camera on eyeglasses, it left a lot of people asking, why?! and privacy concerns over
6:21 pm
google glass have made its test phase anything but smooth. so today the company tried to sharpen the focus a little bit. >> google announced that they will be working with businesses to create business-specific uses for google glass. >> reporter: google calls it glass at work. and one of the first uses is in the operating room. google has asked doctors across the country to experiment with useful applications for the heads-up display during surgery. >> what i'm seeing are cp images which are basically cross-sectional x-rays of the patient's chest and allows me to operate at the same time i have this critical data right in front of me. >> reporter: and it's showing up in professional sports with the nhl and nba looking for ways to wirelessly send player stats, first person views, even instant replays to fans in the stands. and firefighters and other first responders are looking for uses to improve performance and the safety. >> it's one of things where glass seems to be most
6:22 pm
successful when you can communicate a single focus for it or a particular purpose. >> reporter: but instead of defining that purpose, google is asking professionals how they might use glass. that will make it easier to create supporting technologies. >> its one way to sort of build an app store without even having a marketplace. >> reporter: they say build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door. google has built some kind of trap and they are asking to us figure out what it can catch. in san francisco, john ramos, kpix 5. >> right now there are about 10,000 people testing google glass and get this, they each agreed to pay google $1,500 to do it. >> wow. just about everything went right for the giants home opener today at at&t park. the fans were treated to sunshine and a win. as kpix 5 reporter ryan takeo shows us even a superhero. ryan? >> reporter: liz, giants fans were in heaven today. the team won. the weather was great.
6:23 pm
and oh, yeah, batkid showed up. he's back! fresh off saving the city in the off season, batkid threw out the ceremonial first pitch. >> he is the little giants hero, he is the batkid, miles scott! >> opening day pins! >> reporter: for baseball fans, there's nothing like opening day. >> opening day is the best day. it's like christmas. >> reporter: if that's the case this was a well earned gift during batting practice. >> way to go! >> right to him! bare-handed! >> reporter: it left a mark. >> how are your hands? >> a little raw. not going to lie. it's a little black and blue right there. but feels good. right? what a way to start the season. >> reporter: giants fans hope this season ends like 2010 and 2012. mccovey cove dave hopes the giants' recent even numbered championships continue. >> i definitely think 10, 12, 14 this is the year.
6:24 pm
>> i talked about it when i was 18. >> reporter: edwin has only missed one opening day in the past decade. >> the reason i missed last year is because i had a little girl. and she was born on opening day. >> reporter: say hello to elisa. and the start of a new opening day streak. >> now we have a little addition not family and hopefully who knows how long she can have that streak going on. >> reporter: in san francisco, ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> bryan stow was also at today's game. he waved at the camera after he realized he was on tv. stow was permanently injured when he was brutally beaten in the parking lot of dodger stadium three years ago. coming up in our next half hour, he has been at the center of some of the bay area's highest profile cases and tonight, the explosive allegations from "shrimp boy" chow's new attorney. >> what he did at the aftermath of the asiana crash that landed him in the spotlight today. >> and how your twitter page is
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crime. and the government ensnared my client. >> now at 6:30, explosive allegations from the new high- profile attorney in the corruption scandal that snared raymond "shrimp boy" chow and state senator leland yee. they are two of the 29 defendants swept up in the coordinated raids two weeks ago. most of them were paraded in front of a judge today. senator yee went in and left the courthouse without saying a word. he pleaded not guilty to corruption charges. his attorney spoke for him in court. then there's the accused middleman former board of education president keith jackson. some people are saying he could turn and testify against the other two. >> he can pull the whole thing together and it's in his interests to do it to make a light deal for himself. >> jackson pleaded not guilty last week to selling guns, drugs and being part of a murder-for-hire plot. and then there's raymond "shrimp boy" chow. he has a new lawyer with a long colorful history here in the bay area.
6:29 pm
allen martin tells us this is a case of an attorney who cannot wait to sink his teeth into this wonderful. >> reporter: colorful is the keyword. as if this case needed any more character, now we have a truly famous san francisco lawyer involved, tony serra. at almost 80 years old, tony serra still is looking for a good fight. >> i'm anti-government. i'm anti-overreaching government. i'm anti-undercover spying activities. i'm against what all agent provocateurs that infiltrate groups for five years and instigate crimes themselves! it's reminiscent of the '60s. >> reporter: and the civil rights lawyer things raymond "shrimp boy" chow is the best fight he has seen in a decade. >> because of a number of factors. first one is, he is the rare commodity in the criminal justice system who is innocent! not merely presumed innocent.
6:30 pm
>> reporter: tony serra has been front and center on some very well known anti-government fights. he has represented the likes of black panther founder huey newton, the s la, a woman who shot and killed her son's molesters, hell's angels members, and a medical marijuana pioneer who baked and handed out pot brownies to aids patients. serra has been in prison himself sentenced to 10 months in 2005 for failing to pay taxes in protest of the iraq war. so to tony serra, raymond "shrimp boy" chow is right up his alley. outside court, serra was claiming that at no time did chow participate in a crime. in fact, the attorney calls had entrapment! >> the government created the crime. the government financed the crime. and the government ensnared my client by their affirmative acts. >> reporter: and serra says "shrimp boy" wants his day in
6:31 pm
court in front of a jury. >> we will put the government rightfully on trial. we believe there's all kinds of malfeasance. we believe that we will bring that all out in the jury trial. >> reporter: tony serra added this element to his defense. racism. he called it unadulterated racism on the part of the government. leland yee, raymond "shrimp boy" chow chinese, and keith jackson black. >> i'm curious about how a federal jury is going to watch this guy -- it's a show. >> it's a show when he's on and it's not about the money with him. >> reporter: no. it definitely is not about the money. the notoriety, yes. there's a typical tony serra case if you will, the high- profile case. it's pure tony serra. it's fighting back against the government machine, if you will, it's a fairly simple lifestyle having taken a vow of poverty of sorts. the income from the cases goes mostly to the other lawyers not tony. but he is out front and he's outspoken.
6:32 pm
>> going to be an amazing court trial. >> reporter: it's going to be a play. it's going to play out. >> great stuff. allen, thank you. los angeles police officer is lucky to be alive after a gunman walked into a station last night and shot him. the officer didn't have on a bulletproof vest. one of the bullets hit his backup gun. that gun was in his front pants pocket and might have saved his life. he survived the shootout and is said to be in good condition. he managed to shoot the suspect with another officer while wounded. >> they responded courageously. they did what we expect them to do. but it's more than expectations. it's a hope because courage under fire is difficult. >> police recovered a massive stash of weapons and ammo from the gunman's apartment. the suspect is hospitalized in critical condition. it's been a month now since that malaysia airlines flight disappeared. crews are searching the southern indian ocean as you
6:33 pm
know trying to relocate the electronic pings that could be coming from flight 370s data recorders. batteries in the data recorders have likely reached the end of their 30-day expected life-span but investigators remain hopeful calling the pings their most promising lead yet. >> these pings are very distinctive. so to the trained ear, they know if it's -- if these pings are coming from one of the locators. >> if crews can narrow the search zone an unmanned underwater vehicle is ready to map the ocean floor looking for debris. in beijing, chinese relatives of the passengers aboard the missing flight held a candlelight memorial to mark one month since that plane disappeared. a bay area dispatcher received a top honor for his work the day of the asiana airlines crash at sfo. kpix 5 reporter don ford highlights his achievements and what he says was key to the
6:34 pm
emergency efforts. >> a3, division 3, red alert. >> reporter: saturday, july 6, 11:28 a.m. > this is for san francisco international airport on a downed plane 777. >> reporter: 911 dispatcher matthew roy bell was on duty when asiana flight 214 crashed at sfo. that morning he coordinated the firefighters and paramedics racing to the scene. >> additional units do, engine 33 -- >> reporter: he says keeping calm was critical. >> people can start getting worked up and your emotions can get into the radio traffic and that can cause you to maker. >> reporter: that flawless performance so impressed his fellow dispatchers. >> 911 police fire and medical. >> reporter: they voted him dispatcher of the year. this afternoon -- the san francisco board of supervisors presented him with a certificate of honor. >> we truly appreciate your calmness under pressure and all that you do for our city. >> reporter: a city that received 1.2 million calls a
6:35 pm
year to the 911 center. >> they really start the event and in my mind they are the unsung heroes. >> san francisco international airport. en route considers. >> reporter: matthew modestly says it was a team effort and he was just doing his job. san francisco, don ford, kpix 5. >> matthew has been a san francisco dispatcher for 8 years. what's your chance of surviving a nasty wreck like this? the safest suvs out there and the ones that failed the crash test. >> and what you should never do when applying for a job. the common mistake that immediately raises a red flag. ,,,,,,,,
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really... so our business can be on at&t's network for $175 dollars a month? yup. all five of you for $175. our clients need a lot of attention. there's unlimited talk and text.
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we're working deals all day. you get 10 gigabytes of data to share. what about expansion potential? add a line anytime for 15 bucks a month. low dues& great terms& let's close. our best ever value plans for business just got even better. the way when it comes to safety. the chevy equinox. the insurance institute for highway safety says general motors is leading the way when it comes to safety. the chevy equinox and the gmc terrain at only midsized suvs out of nine evaluated to earn a good rating. they fared the best in the institute's small overlap front crash test.
6:38 pm
the toyota highlander earned an acceptable rating. the honda pilot scored the lowest rating. the mazda cx9 and kia sorento also rated poorly. we know the old bay bridge is being torn apart but there is still work being done on the new span. crews sliced the cantilever section in half last week. while they are doing demolition, crews have also been at work on the tower of the new span. they just finished installing a maintenance elevator. bridge officials say this is a critical addition. >> at the very top of the tower there's some heavy equipment. we have red aviation safety lights. if we didn't have this elevator, workers would have to carry equipment 300 feet up ladders. >> elevators and the bridge towers are not uncommon. but this one will be visible because it has been installed on the outside. it's on the north side of the bridge. your twitter profile is
6:39 pm
getting a makeover. it started today. here's the new design. one of the most notable changes is a larger profile photo and users' most popular tweets will appear in bigger type. the design is available to new users now and will gradually be rolled out to others. first lady michelle obama is one of the first to get the updated look. in this competitive job market, we have some tips to get your foot in the door. how your smartphone could land you the job of your dreams. >> 95% of this picture behind me just says nothing but sunshine and warm. but right about there you can see the fog about ready to hop over and through the golden gate spilling into san francisco ushering in a cooler weather pattern. we'll talk temperatures coming up. and i'm dennis o'donnell. timmy hudson became an instant fan favorite of the giants and so is the new look offense. a live report coming up from at&t. ,,,,
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signed two executive orders today aimed at equalizing pay today aimed at equalizing pay between men and women. president obama signing a couple of executive orders
6:43 pm
today aimed at equalizing pay between men and women. those orders would make it easier for some workers to find out if they are being compensated fairly. census figures show that women earn 77% of what men earn in this country. house minority leader nancy pelosi says when women have less money families have less money and that hurts the economy. >> we're saying one thing. equal pay for equal work. a woman with the same qualifications education experience and job should make the same amount of money as her male counterpart. >> the gop says the president's move is a ploy to get women's votes in an election year. at the santa clara county building employees joined the national effort to create awareness about equal payday. they handed out flyers to draw attention to the issue. well, many college students are searching for summer internships and first-time jobs, recruiters are also
6:44 pm
searching for the right job candidates. >> as sumi das tells us, there are ways to increase your odds of connecting with the right recruiters online and landing that dream job or internship. >> reporter: in the search for the perfect summer internship, college students like this person are turning to linkedin. >> i kind of look up all the recruiters for, uhm, every job i'm interested in and i just kind of go and look at their profiles. >> reporter: students shouldn't feel intimidated about contacting recruiters but linkedin's head of recruiting says they should do their research first. about the company, its products and the position they're interested in. >> so this is someone who has been thoughtful, that has been ambitious enough to reach out and they are highly insightful about their communication that would easily rise to the top of the stack. >> reporter: students should keep in mind that recruiters find candidates by searching for keywords. >> take a look at what's in these job descriptions in terms of language, skills, and experience and if you have those skills and experience, weave them into your profile.
6:45 pm
>> reporter: dana recruits interns for walmart e-commerce. candidates who apply for every job available send up red flags. >> really kind of putting together a plan as to what you're looking for, what time of position do you want, what type of a company do you want to work for? >> reporter: another way to gain and edge? make sure you can share your resume' from your smartphones. in mountain view, california, i'm sumi das, cnet, for cbs news. i love talking about our weather because it's so beautiful. >> what did you do today? >> i was outside and spent as much time outside, hard to come to work, i'm not going to lie. beautiful outside. >> i think dennis scheduled it. i think we should be live outside. >> good time out there. >> happened to be the home opener of the giants. just go figure. beautiful day outside and really we talk about this pattern change. it won't be as warm. there is no one day that i would deem chilly. there's no rain in the forecast. we are going to be dry. just perhaps not as warm. live look outside now. we'll tell you something because if you have clear skies
6:46 pm
this evening, we have tonight what's called the opposition of mars. as soon as the sun sets in the west, mars will rise in the east. this happens once every two years. we're very close to mars. and mars will appear 10 times brighter than any other star in the sky and, of course, mars is red so you can easily see it. watch out for mars rising in the east in about one hour. temperatures outside still very comfortable. look at you in livermore. 80. contrast with now fog moving into san francisco with 66. in between we find oakland at 70. san bruno 73. san jose, santa rosa very warm very sunny. 77 degrees. so what's growing in your yard? i asked this on our facebook page yesterday. the orchids are blooming. this makes me hungry. this is an artichoke that's growing in pam neighbors' yard. let's send those into the station when they're finished because artichokes are delicious this time of year. good night to eat outside and a good night to keep the windows
6:47 pm
open. concord 51 degrees. fremont 351. your lows tomorrow morning. san francisco 52. fremont 51. chilly in the north bay with mid-40s in santa rosa up toward ukiah. big ridge of high pressure gave us beautiful weather. hopefully you had a chance to spend at least 5 or 10 minutes outside today because the ridge is moving, things move in the atmosphere very quickly sometimes. this one is going to be a subtle change. it slides down to the south. that little move from here to here will induce an onshore flow. you're already seeing it in half moon bay. you're already seeing it in pacifica. you went from sunny to cloudy. the ridge is moving out. that's step one. the onshore flow is back tomorrow. and temperatures will not be as warm. then step number 2 is this large area of low pressure that will slide down to our south. once again a miss. it's not going to hit us with any rainfall. that will take the onshore flow and make it stronger. when that happens, temperatures will drop even more and that morning cloud cover and morning fog will push all the way inland and by the weekend, just about all of us will be waking up to cloudy conditions. so near the water, that's the first step. the coast, san francisco bay,
6:48 pm
if you live close to the water you'll be cloudy in the morning starting tomorrow. will not be as warm but it will still be above normal still going to be mild. more cooling as that low sneaks by to the south this weekend. all of that said, it's still going to be really nice. san francisco 66. oakland 73. san jose tomorrow 79. santa clara your high 78. morgan hill and gilroy back to the low 80s. low 80s again for san ramon and danville. perhaps a couple of degrees cooler. vallejo 77. sausalito foggy tomorrow morning. your high 67. daly city your high 64 with fog. sonoma though 77 degrees. and away from the water up toward lakeport -- well, away from the bay, high of 80 degrees for your wednesday. we'll stay right there thursday 80s inland 60s at the coast and then on friday we all take a step back and the weekend will feature lots of morning clouds, 70s inland, mid- to upper 60s near the bay. so we're trending cooler but we are staying dry. dennis live from at&t park with sports coming up next.
6:49 pm
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yeah. when i eat well, i feel well. anncr: it's time for a better taco. the tacos tonight were pretty much perfect. make the switch. look for jennie-o ground turkey in a store near you. dennis o'donnell with our sports report at at&t park. >> reporter: the last time the giants were seen here by the fans at at&t they had one of the worst hitting offenses in
6:52 pm
at&t baseball. they returned today looking like the 1927 new york yankees. the 5-year-old miles scott batkid threw out the first pitch after his save the city tour around the city. belt's fifth homer of the season gave the giants a 2-0 lead early. more offense in the third. michael morse past the diving hill, two runs score to give the giants a 5-1 lead. 7 runs batted in for morse this season. another two at it for the giants later in the fifth. brandon crawford spoke through the hole two more runs score to give the giants a 7-2 lead. and that was plenty. for tim hudson, struck out 4 in 8 innings he allowed just two earned runs scattering 7 hits and got a standing ovation coming off the mound. the giants win 7-3 and they are 6-2 to start the season. >> reporter: it had the feel of
6:53 pm
another opening day. [ chatter ] >> reporter: uniforms are same as well as the faces and prices haven't come down. >> three beers 36 bucks. >> reporter: make no mistake. this giants team is unlike any other in recent memory. these guys can hit. >> belt hits one high! >> reporter: brandon belt's fifth home run gave the giants a major league-leading 12 through eight games. it took them 20 games to reach that figure last season. are you more confident than you used to be? >> yeah, absolutely. that's a given. i think just with anybody who gains experience is going to have more confidence. i'm gaining more confidence by the day right now. >> when the bell rung he was ready and he is doing a nice job of helping carry us. >> reporter: the run production, seven more runs today giving them 47 for the season and that tops all of major league baseball. >> last year was a year, you know, not a good one, you
6:54 pm
know, a lot of injuries. a lot of downs. and you know, for most of us, you know, it was a learning experience. >> reporter: yeah, sure, the giants still have 154 games to go. but if the first eight are any indication, the 2014 giants are more about hitting and less about pitching. >> i'll take these first two starts. it's been a fun outing out there, guys have really played some good baseball behind me. and uhm, you know, it's fun. hopefully it's getting better from here. >> reporter: hudson 2-0 to begin the season and bruce bochy did point out it's early. these are not the '27 yankees. they are only a week into the season. i tweeted had the giants had this kind of offense during tim lincecum's dominant year he would have three 21 seasons. let's see how the giants offense holds out over the longer period of the campaign. basketball, the uconn huskies are the second lowest seed ever to win the national championship. but just don't call them the c word. >> you know, somebody told me
6:55 pm
we was cinderellas. i was like no, we uconn. this is what we do. >> reporter: kevin ali is right. u-conn's second title since 2011 but pretty remarkable considering they were banned from the post-season play last year. napier made sure everyone knew the huskies were above that match on national tv last night. >> ladies and gentlemen, you're looking at the hungry huskies. this is what happens -- [ screaming ] >> it's funny. i was laying down thinking of what to say. if i was on that podium i was going to say that. i'm so happy that i was in that position. >> reporter: who got this tattoo? remember the kentucky fan who got the tattoo before the tournament started? he is going to keep it. tyler austin got the ink predicting the wildcats would
6:56 pm
win the title. obviously they did not. he is going to keep the tattoo. for the first time since 1994 tiger woods not playing in the masters. woods is not going to be there. and by the fall, phil mickelson becomes the favorite in the augusta galleries with 10 years ago phil won his first of three masters with a putt on the 18th hole. the home thing not so great about that moment was his leap after the ball went into the hole. >> i jumped so high i almost hit lightning that day! [ laughter ] >> and unfortunately, the photographers, you know, they just didn't time it right. and so it's very -- [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> i felt like it was an unfair assessment of that leap because i probably dunked a basketball. >> reporter: phil mickelson i think is becoming everybody's pick or the majority -- the favorite to win this year's masters. it appears to be a wide-open
6:57 pm
field. obviously tiger isn't there. and mickelson is obviously a major champion. so he is number one on my list. we'll have our official picks wednesday night right here on channel 5. as for the giants, ken, elizabeth, it's all good. they are 6-2 to start the season. >>yes. >> reporter: we have a lot of wood coming off the bench. >> the baby giraffe, huddy. let's start with the nicknames. let's start, you know, posey, let's use the nicknames for a change. >> yeah. >> we'll have our nicknames. >> reporter: the morse code for the giants left fielder. bruce bochy did point out that maybe morse is a difference maker because he is a new left fielder, got a lot of wood in that point. >> all good signs. captions by: caption colorado i want you to know stuff i want you to be kind.
6:58 pm
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